Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I have a few things for you this day. First off LOOK AT THESE PANTS

This outfit is just odds and ends and ridiculous pants I found at Goodwill. I was looking for skirts that looked sort of professional (you know, getting into the teacher's aid look) and honestly I think I hit the jackpot with this floral and polka dotted reject. They literally look like a skirt on each leg when I walk. It's like these pants dreamed of becoming palazzo pants and someone came in during adolescence and told them "No, the 70s are done, halt this dream of yours immediately" and they stopped growing at the knee. THEY'RE SHORTS. I love em'. Sometimes I buy the most ridiculous thing I can find at a thrift store to see if I can make it work. Usually I can.

Anyways, I took more film pictures today in case you were wondering if I am actually keeping up with that photo every day thing, haha (she laughs to herself). So to add more content and to mildly disturb you, I'm going to introduce you to Vomatrocious.

It started as a way for me to keep myself entertained in class. I'm not great at drawing realistic people, it's not something I ever progressed at beyond a fourth grade level doodles. So I embrace my inability to accurately make faces and I draw the most disgusting caricatures of nonexistent (well, sometimes existent) people that I can. Then I usually show it to whoever is sitting next to me and chortle at their discomfort. I created the gypsy thing above last year in English 10 honors, along with these–

The last one is my fav. I keep a small notebook (mOLESKIN ROCK ON) of these doodles now, but I have countless others scribbled on the backs of homework and tests. I wish I had my final history exam (on which I received a C+), because I made this brilliant doodle of someone's torso holding their own disembodied head by their spinal cord with a giant pencil lodged in the head's exposed brain, blood everywhere, complete with hearts and stars filling the negative space, as well as the accurate declaration of I DONT KNOW ANYTHING :D! 

Anyways here is the notebook and some of its contents. I apologize for the quality. Again, the scanner sounds like an angry ostrich and would wake up everyone, and there is no decent lighting at this hour. Maybe I'll actually post during the day at some point! Probably not!




I should explain the term Vomatrocious, which you probably already guessed is a blend of the words vomit and atrocious. I can't take credit for coining this, because it's a word that was used between my childhood best friend and her mother. It has stuck with me since I was eight and is an apt description of my doodles. I want to make a zine full of them sometime, I wonder if people would actually be interested in owning these barfy things. Would you? Let me know, I implore you.

Here's one more, I drew this on the back of a poetry test in creative writing. My teacher would react to my drawings with the best combination of uncomfortable laughter and strained facial expressions I've seen to this date.

I was very very hungry. The pit hair is accurate, I have stalwart pit hair and I hope you do too!

Well time to slepen all the nikt with open eye (if this reference is lost on you go here).


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  1. Only you could pull those pants off Rachy...only you...
    also I think I need a print of every one of those drawings for my apartment thank you.