Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Fabric Barf Saga Part 1

Today is the best day of my life, and you're going to tell me I'm insane, because the source of my joy is the maelstrom of textiles that is the mixed media room cloth bins.

The teachers didn't have anything for me to do for the first two hours, so I volunteered to organize these art-filled hell-holes. I took mixed media when I was a sophomore for a semester and was horrified upon opening one of these bins. If you don't support the door, it will fall open and vomit impossibly minute pieces of fabric all over everywhere. There was zero organization, save for a few plastic bags filled with certain colours, so during the latter half of the semester I tried making sense of the chaos when I was finished with a project. I only managed to fill a few plastic bags, separating the cloth by pattern and colour, but there isn't an efficient way to store the cloth in these bins that give students the impulse to dump their unused materials wherever they will fit.
SO, I've made it my duty to figure out a way to make finding colours and patterns and fabric types an enjoyable experience and not like sifting through a desert made of dust and thread.
Most people would have a stroke if they had to deal with this, but I am elated. 

This is about two thirds of the floral section. I am starting here and it will probably take me two weeks to get everything into rough categories before actually putting them away in an efficient way. I will definitely be documenting my progress, so if patterned fabrics make you nauseous or homicidal, never come back.

Next on the agenda, I went to Bubbies after work with friend Emily for ice cream, and we both pooled quarters to pay for three mochi ice cream flavors.
Here's Emily's face today.


This is my favorite object, I  always have it even if it doesn't match what I'm wearing (DEDICATION, DEDICATION). 

Jacket; Forever 21, Vest; Vintage Store in Toulouse, France (lol sorry), Button-down shirt; Handmedown, Faux Leather Pants; Zara, Boots; Journeys, Watch; Urban Outfitters

I watched Annie Hall last night and had a fierce desire to obtain trousers and a wide rimmed hat. My closet is frighteningly expansive, but I didn't have the right articles to craft a look suitable for a Woody Allen film. I love this vest and button down combo, though. It's vaguely steampunk.

Anyways, that was today, and look it's only 4:26 PM!
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  1. I would die to just...organise that fabric. I'm not a sane person.