Monday, June 3, 2013

Tea that burns with Irish fury

So, YESTERDAY, Sunday, I visited my friend Sarah (who also blawgs about fashion over here) and told her I wanted to take some creepy pictures of her involving tea bags. I don't think she would've agreed if she knew I was going to smear Irish Breakfast tea on her face.

It was very difficult keeping these slightly moist tea bags on her back. After about ten minutes she said, "Okay, my skin is burning. Is that supposed to happen...?!" Probably not, Sarah, but thanks for agreeing to do this you're the best ten gold stars for you!

I've been experimenting with tea in my photos recently. Pictures involving tea are usually cute or serene, but I associate the steeped beverage with late nights and loss of nuanced motor control due to caffeine intake. These images are creepy. I like creepy. Expect to see many more creepy images this summer.


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