Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An apology to myself/My movie watching oddities

Hey guys, I skipped a week of blogging and haven't taken a photo since the sixth. Oops. Sorry, me.
I've felt pretty horrible, actually. Kind of like this–


Yesterday I had a migraine and *attempted* a four hour nap in a puddle of my own sweat (thanks, weather) while *attempting* to block out the loud reggae meandering through my window from some house in the valley. Right now my neck feels like someone snapped two boards against either side for every hours while I slept last night, and moving is excruciating.
Note: Not Quite Hellish will now be featuring Rachael's Abnormal Body Issues on a regular basis.
I also haven't written things because my mind feels like one of those squishy toy things that you drop from one hand to another over and over again without ever really grasping it. Thus, I have to decide between forcing myself to write and waiting for it to come naturally. The eternal question.

So here is today's picture.
But, please please view it here, it looks so much clearer on flickr.

I saw Man of Steel today and formulated this image during the last third of the movie. I enjoy the grandeur of superhero movies, but I lose interest if the last forty-five minutes are purely hero and villain crashing around a desolate city like two high-speed humanoid pinballs.

I thought people might be interested in seeing the original image:

What I did: 
I am surprised I had enough silver eyeshadow to cover my entire face and some of my ears and neck. I used the grossest grey halloween face paint in existence as a base. I'm not so privy to skin altering photoshop techniques at this point, so I like to do things oldschool. 
I did have to alter my neck/collarbone area, change my hair colour, and clean up skin imperfections. Other than that, I kept the silver tone created from the original RAW file the same. I changed my eyes to make it more dramatic. Did it work? (Yes Rachael it did good job).

Next up, the three saddest moments in Man of Steel in chronological order. Sometimes unimportant details upset me when I watch movies. These aren't vital pieces of information (well, one of them might be), but if you hate spoilers in all forms then don't read these. Actually, do read them. They might be funny.

1. When Lois Lane breaks her Nikon D3s. Technically a robot that is guarding the twenty-thousand year old ship from Krypton shoots its lens off, but it is ENTIRELY HER FAULT for taking a picture with an enormous external flash of alien defensive technology. Come on, Lois, what were you thinking. That is a seven thousand dollar camera. It was bad enough that you dangled the poor thing over an icy precipice while trekking to find mystery man Clark. I morn the death of this camera more than any other death.

2. When the Kents don't grab their dog when running away from the tornado that kills Jonathan Kent. I can't tell you how many times I run apocalyptic daydreams through my mind and work out how I would save my entire family, INCLUDING MY PETS. How could you forget your dog in a moment of peril?! That would be the first body I worry about saving, my arthritic golden retriever. If one of them had grabbed the dog, Clark's dad would not have died. ARGH.

3. When the ultimate fate of the chubby ex childhood bully Pete Ross is revealed to be working at an IHOP in Kansas. I don't know why, but little things like that get to me. Why IHOP? Are we taking a stab at his weight problems? Pete isn't such a bad guy! And an even more tragic moment is when Clark and evil Kryptonian she-devil whose name I can't remember crash into the joint and completely destroy it. That was Pete's livelihood, guys! Why do we have to pick on Pete? (I'm making a huge deal out of someone who had maybe seven different words in the entire movie.)

Also, the funniest part of the movie for me was when a ship or a person or some other flying object destroyed a Sears, foreshadowing the mass closing of this mediocre department store.

ALRIGHT, so I'll try to be a good girl and take pictures every day from now on. We'll see if my neck agrees with me.



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