Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Serious cat pics/Overheard tween conversations

I lugged my entire bottle collection out front intending to photograph it, but my cat followed me outside and distracted me with his fluff, so I shot him instead.




Like any normal, feline-infatuated human being, I love taking pictures of my cat. His name is Kabie, and he is debatably the handsomest cat in existence. He sheds profusely, and a thin layer of his fur covers every inch of our furniture, floors, and clothing. Our house is a pet allergen nightmare.

Let me tell you more about my cat.

Kabie is eight years old now, I believe. I think that means he's over the hill in cat years, right? Even so, this ball of fluff is extremely energetic (when he feels like it). You can find him lounging on our kitchen counter above a cabinet that he knows for a fact holds his cat treats. Sometimes if my mom forgets to give him one in the morning, when she tries to walk down the stairs on the right side of the counter Kabie will lean over and literally bat at her shoulder and meow incessantly. My mom obeys, of course. We're enabling him, it's tragic.
He doesn't like to be held for more than half a second, but he will accept all petting sessions. Occasionally I can spoon him for a good fifteen minutes if he has been lying on our couch and is too lazy to move right away.
I took these three over the past few years–

We also have a large golden retriever named Bart. Bart and Kabie could have their own sitcom, and I need to find a way to set this up. They have been best friends since we got Kabie as a sixth month old kitten (well, disregarding their first meeting, which involved a lot of hissing). My mom had Kabie declawed so he wouldn't tear up the furniture or our dog's face. It's kind of sad to think of a clawless cat, and had I been an adult I wouldn't have made that choice. He never goes outside, for mother is paranoid he would be stolen by some horrible human because of his beauty or that he would be disemboweled by a neighborhood cat because he lacks sufficient defense mechanisms. 

I digress–

Best. Friends.

My animals enjoy "playing" with each other, which includes Kabie swiping at Bart's snout with blunt paws and nipping his nose, Bart taking Kabie's entire face in his mouth, and lots of barking and howling. They never hurt each other, which makes it endearing and extremely entertaining to watch. I also see them groom each other on a regular basis. THE CUTE, IT RADIATES FROM THEIR FUR.

Time for part two of this post, which I'm going to write quickly because I'm hungry and impatient to start and finish a book I bought today.
So, I was cutting matte board in the drawing & painting room today during the second printmaking class. The students are from (entering) 6th to 8th grade, I believe. At first the class was mostly silent, but today the table closest to me had a lively conversation. What makes the dynamic of this particular table so hilarious is the presence of a single anime-obsessed girl. I know who she is, actually; she's entering eighth grade and was dressed up as England from Hetalia. I don't know anything about the other students so I will label them by gender or appearance, whereas she will be referred to as weeaboo, or maybe just W.

W: So, when's the longest time you guys watched nyan cat?
Boy 1: Uh none, I've never watched that.
W: I watched it for seven hours.
Several: ..What?
W: Yep I sat there and watched it for seven hours, I went insane.


Girl 1: Yeah, Eminem, he's the greatest rapper in the world.
Girl 2: I can't believe he's white.
Boy 2: Eminem is white?
Several: UH, YEAH, DUH, etc.
Boy 2: I had no idea he was white.
Girl 1: Yeah I thought he was African American until I saw his picture!


W: I used to know the lyrics to every Justin Bieber song on two of his albums
Literally Everyone: WHY?!
W: For Irony.
Boy 1: What's irony?

I made eye contact with anime girl at that point, it was just too good to be true. I applaud her for doing things for the sake of irony at age twelve/thirteen. 
Is it okay that I am transcribing these things? Is this unprofesh? Anyways, I think these kids are fantastic and I hope they say more amusing things in the next four weeks.

That's all for now, thanks dudes.



  1. yay.
    i love the pic of your cat and dog together.

  2. omg so FUZZY and FLUFFY i want to cuddle