Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feelin' Crafty

So this coming Thursday I will be selling things at Art & Flea along with a teacher/artist friend of mine. I've been working on various recycled items this weekend and I will share them with you:

 I started making soda can tab bracelets in seventh grade. I made one hundred bucks selling them to kids at school in eighth grade, and even sold them at a local consignment store for about a year. Unfortunately, they changed owners, and she returned my products after no one bought any for several months. I'm excited to sell them again; hopefully they appeal to the crowd at A&F

Pins made of film canisters! These are fun, I have some on my bag.

I've been into making bottle cap pins these days, and I have a wide selection because I visited a vintage soda store this summer.

I have a bunch of messed up/expired film I got from a friend, so I'm making film cuff bracelets and bows! And I've never seen anyone selling these before, in real life, over the internet, or otherwise, so hopefully I will garner some buys for originality?!

These earrings don't look very special, but they are made out of rings that fell out of a broken camera lens I dissembled. I'm not sure what function they serve, but I they are brassy and crimped and pretty, so I hope someone buys them. If I am lucky, a camera enthusiast will think they are the coolest thing in the world.

My craft box, what up.

Now I'll tell you about my day yesterday:

So I planned on waking up early but my disgruntled teen body did not allow this, and I woke up at ten. After a few hours of idly crafting and watching Freaks and Geeks, I decided to travel to the LIBRARY, partly because I wanted to get out of the house to write, and partly because I had also been playing dress up and conjured up an appealing outfit that I wanted to take outside. I drove past the state library and, seeing that there was no parallel parking available, immediately gave up and drove home.
I have no idea where people park to go to the state library, but it must be in some sort of underground dwarf tunnel much too obscure for me to find, because I've NEVER seen a designated parking. Please, someone, enlighten me, it's probably a lot less complicated than I am making it.
I returned home to a puzzled mother and immediately decided I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble, the next best thing, right?! I sped over to Ala Moana and instantly regretted it, for the mall was crowded, B&N was playing annoying music, and there were people. I circled the store once and returned to my car to drive home.
A complete waste of two hours, go me! I never know what to do with myself on weekends.
Anyways, here is the outfit that I crafted:

I'll probably just wear this to school with a sweater to make it remotely in dress code. I really prefer wearing jewelry that is handmade, whether it was crafted by me or a friend or a vendor somewhere. I got the tights for christmas and they are my new favorite leg-wear, by far. The necklace is made from film canister cutouts. I like how the colours seem to follow a common scheme even though they are from different brands of film.

Another thing: I have to write in a journal for my creative writing class, so I took the opportunity to decorate one of my many moleskin notebooks lying around:

Really, I just have messy handwriting, and unlined pages force me to control my script so that my teacher can actually grade what I am writing.

Is this how one blogs? Am I doing it right? WE SHALL SEE

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