Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lomography Film

This Christmas I asked for Lomography's X-Pro Slide Film to experiment with.
For those who are hazy in film terminology (which would probably be most youngins these days), slide film is used to create those little slides that go inside old fashioned projectors that people used to display their bad vacation pictures to somnolent family members who couldn't care less.

The fun thing about slide film is that instead of producing transparent negatives, after it is developed the transparencies are ~*~*POSITIVE!~**~ Which seems unfathomable when you take into consideration how film functions as a strip of plastic covered in silver crystals that darken when exposed to light (More light=darker pigments, that would be why the colours are reversed).

So I shot this uber cute roll of film with random pictures, testing the waters without putting much thought into a roll whose quality I was unsure of. When I got it developed, I chose to cross process the film in C-41 (colour negative chemicals as opposed to slide film chemicals) which typically yields highly saturated and contrasted images. This also means that the film actually DOES come out negative, since the colour reversal process is disrupted. Photography chemistry is the only chemistry of which I have any remote understanding.


How the hell does one ALIGN IMAGES ON BLOGSPOT?!

 I was not blown away by the quality of the film; the images are generally grainy, which I'm pretty sure can be attributed to the film itself, not the processing lab. I'm not particularly surprised because Lomography, as a magazine, film/camera store, and photography movement, is all about lo-fi DIY images. I don't think I'll be purchasing this film again, but I will enjoy the other two rolls that came in the pack and attempt to create whimsical images!

Well, is that how one posts on a blawg?!?!

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