Saturday, January 12, 2013

This just might be happening

I tried starting a blog in eighth grade.
My first post was lengthy explanation of why I am unable to keep up with a blog and ended with this picture of a horse-swan:

And of course, I never posted again.
The trouble with starting a blog is the pressure to provide good content that somehow follows a common theme and garners readers who can tolerate mediocre writing. I've decided to just disregard any guidelines there may be in starting a blog and post what I feel like talking about. 
My posts will span many artistic and emotional topics, SUCH AS:
  • Photography/other visual art forms
  • Writing/Poetry/Literature
  • Music, and why I suck at it
  • Fashion and having short hair
  • The obfuscating nature of teenage girl-dom
  • The French language
  • Adventures in being not-straight
  • Supernatural
I don't know about the last one, but I think it is safe to say that I will vary what I talk about greatly before I figure out what this blog is going to BE.

And of course, there's a large chance I'll never gain any followers on here besides my friends.

But that's okay!
I'll try it out anyways.

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