Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm sorry I went into a creative coma

So I stopped posting a while before I left on my college tour/family visit trip, and I apologize to my ENORMOUS FANBASE for my absence. Really. How did you live without me. 
I want to recount my adventures in New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles, and I would love to do so with illustrations, but here's the thing– 
I didn't take any pictures.
That's sort of an overstatement, because I did instragram from time to time (I did so from my mother's smart phone and my iPad. I still don't get how it works, having a Dumb Phone) and I took about four rolls of black and white film. I can't show you the film pictures yet, for obvious reasons. I took a very small amount of digital pictures on the east coast, and when I got to Los Angeles to visit my dad, I tried downloading them and found that my SD card malfunctioned and I lost everything. Hooray!
The weird part is, I didn't even care. I didn't take too many pictures on my digital, and for some reason while I was wandering through NYC with my mother, gawking at the size and closeness of the buildings, or trying not to run into people, I really didn't have an impulse to document what I saw. I saw a lot of things worth photographing, but I just wanted to observe things with my organic lens for a change. I did use up the film that I brought because it has always been easier for me to document things in film, but I sort of just wanted to, I don't know, exist? It seems a little ironic that I went on a trip to a place completely foreign to me to look at colleges I'm interested in so I can study photography and I really didn't feel like whipping out my camera.
So here's the only trip photo you get so far. I took it in my nine hour flight delirium.

Can u tell.

I really am going to write about my trip IN MY NEXT POST but I sort of wanted to get back into the swing of things before doing heavy writing. I also haven't been writing for the past month or so.
Throw me out the window  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Shiny Jacket, Shiny Silver Striped Shirt, Shiny Leg Warmers, Shiny Boy's Dress Shoes; Thrifted, bitch.
Fake Leather Skirt; H&M, Tights; Macy's, probably
Rings; Found, handmade, gifted, indie vendors, Makeup; Urban Decay palette
The nail polish is weird iridescent green/purplish shit by OPI called Significant Other Color 

I'm sporting a very impressive bitchface in these pics. I don't usually like using colour isolation but the colours on our back porch are atrocious, and there is blue painters tape near the bottom of the frame because we are in the process of staining the wood. ANYWAYS, I found this incredibly wonderfully gaudy jacket thing at a thrift store in Oklahoma for around five dollars, I think. The colours match my hair so precisely it's like the Goddess of Thrift herself led me to it. I'm extremely upset I have to give up my unicorn hair when school starts. It has become an extension of myself and I'm going to feel almost abnormal when I dye it black again.

One thing about technicolour hair that I didn't completely expect is that it increases the chances of strangers talking to you by 200%. These encounters don't always entail polite compliments from passersby (although I received a plethora of those), and I can think of two distinct unpleasant instances–

Account 1: I was walking down a set of stairs at Ala Moana near Nordstrom, and if you know where I'm talking about you'll know that this isn't a particularly secluded or sectioned off area of the mall. I shuffled quickly passed this large, oldish dude wearing a blue-tooth and he immediately yelled, "WELL LOOK AT THAT HAIR, ISN'T THAT ATTRACTIVE. HEY, WHERE YOU GOIN', COME BACK HERE. SLOW DOWN. LET'S TALK." Then loud chortling ensued, and I walked quickly away from this guy. There were people around! But that was still terrifying! I don't have many encounters with boys or men trying to hit on me, but when I do, it's always abnormally frightening. GO FIGURE.

Account 2: While standing in the middle of a (very uncrowded) sidewalk in NYC, I was taking a picture of a building and a crotchety old man holding two very large trash bags bustled past me and said (as crotchet-ly as possible), "WHAT, IS IT HALLOWEEN ON YOUR PLANET? GET OUT OF THE WAY WHEN YER TAKIN' PICTURES." I was actually a little stunned and didn't know whether to laugh or be offended. 

Alright, I'll leave you with this weird thing I drew in Los Angeles and it's not finished yet.

Tomorrow I'm posting picture of clothing I want to sell on Facebook and I will write about my trip on here.



no, i didn't talk about art dump. i will when i am ready. 

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