Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here are some pictures of Art & Flea

HEY, guise, I did start that post on my trip. I didn't finish it, because I can't finish anything.
I will, eventually. Here is a preview–

Anyways, yesterday I went to Art & Flea, an event I usually go to frequently, but I've been busy so this was my first one of the summer. I hung out with Friend Amila who I haven't seen in over a year. We actually went to my house beforehand just to visit my golden retriever because she adores dogs, and likes Bart more than she likes me. Sadly I have no picz of her loving my dog, but here we go–

 Buff was there, too. She joined the bowtie club after some deliberation over whether or not she would look exactly like me after purchasing one.

Jhunette was selling her beautiful clothing for five dollars or less and I snagged a velvet shirt dress. Actually, Amila snagged it for me, because the only cash I had was a bag of change of varied denominations which added up to about 6.75, but Jhune looked like she was going to throw up when I brought it out so Amila just paid for it. FRIENDSHIP.

These are actually puppies. No people in these pics.

And as usual, there were Fresh Café tables covered in large white sheets of paper for doodlin' purposes.

Ilana drew a very professional blind contour drawing of my face. Very accurate.


Amila tried to play with a kendama and managed to catch it a few times. I managed to whack myself with the ball and then put it down before I hurt someone.

Caelan here actually dressed up for the A&F theme, which was 'Into The Wild' this month. I don't own any animal print, but there was enough cat fur covering the black parts of my clothing that I should have gotten the one dollar discount.

HEY, there was a new cool thing at Art & Flea this time. The two dudes who I am picturing below were set up at a table with two type writers, heavyweight paper/envelopes, and an enormous binder of vintage stamps. You could dictate or write out a letter to someone and they typed it out for you, addressed it, and allowed you to pick out 40 cents worth of vintage stamps. They actually take these letters to the post office and send them (after explaining to the postal service that yes, these are real unused stamps, they're just archaic). The best part is that they did this for free. It seems a little hipster, yes, but the fact that these guys didn't charge anyone or give pretentious lectures on how physical typography is some sort of dying art made it awesome.

Ilana and I sent letters to each other. Hers was written only in haikus and mine addressed her wiener dog as the Patron Saint of Buffenshire. The dudes said our letters were the most creative ones they had seen in a while, and I can't wait till they show up in our mailboxes.

I can't remember the name of their website or blog, but it was stamped at the bottom of our letters so I will post that eventually. Part of me really wants to invest in a typewriter before they disappear, but I should really save up for camera equipment instead.

Also, I ran into VICKY and DANTE and DANTE'S TWIN SISTER TAJA here. None of them wanted their picture taken, that much is visually evident.

As evident as my broken autofocus.

That's it for Art & Flea. Today I hung out with Best Friend Maya for the last time before she leaves for college and we made blueberry pie. I forgot to take a picture of it in it's entirety, oops, but here's a sort of grody picture of the remains.

Yeah we ate most of it today.

Maya's not-so-secret identity is The Pie Queen, and with good reason; everything she bakes is delicious. She taught me how to make crust and was scrutinizing the texture of the dough and I really couldn't tell if my dough was too wet or too dry or WHAT. Baking is science!

We also watched The Breakfast Club and hung out with my cat.


And Maya has a genuine talent for switching from her Model Status Face to a terrifyingly goofy expression in a fraction of a second.

But really I will miss this chick. HAVE FUN WITH HIGHER EDUCATION, DUDE.

Okay, I'm going to actually finish my trip post eventually. Maybe.

Until then,


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