Monday, July 1, 2013

Run, Rabbit, Run

Hey guys, I haven't blogged in a few days, but I've been working on Art Dump and taking pictures. I suppose I should go in order, so here is my picture from Saturday–

Uh, okay, sooooo–
This weekend, friend Maya and friend David came over to my place and we ate gluten free snacks while watching The Wizard of Oz and playing Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon at the same time. There are scores of websites with atrocious layouts dedicated to the theory that Floyd's best album matches up perfectly with this movie, so David suggested that we test this theory, and there were definitely many eerie moments at which the music and movie aligned. For example, the track "Money," opening with a cash register sound effect, played exactly when Dorothy stepped out of her fallen house and into vivacious Munchkin Land. I seriously recommend syncing the two, and a little research is required to get it just right.

So, right, this image. I don't really know what I was going for other than I wanted to include the album's iconic rainbow springing from a prism, and this picture ended up looking like some sort of metaphor for demonic homosexuality?? If I were consistently pessimistic I'd dub this pic a failure, but I am situationally optimistic so I call it a baby step towards creative genius!

Yesterday I went ON A BOAT with friends and used an underwater camera, but I left those pictures at work so I'll post about them tomorrow.

When I got home today I was talking about The Cure with brother Michael, and he told me that my fashion sense often has that New Wave vibe, so I decided to play dress up. My outfit ended up being more punk than post-punk, although it is certainly Robert Smith-esque. 

I shot these in back of my house, a breeding ground for mosquitos. The blood suckers were everywhere, everywhere. On my legs, on my feet, on my face, in my hair, around my camera. They generally saturated the air with their incessant wining. And even though I inundated myself with bug spray IT DIDN'T DO SHIT, AND I WAS COVERED IN TINY DEMONS TRYING TO EXSANGUINATE ME WHILE TRYING TO FOCUS MY F/1.8 LENS. That last bit in English means that I had a very narrow area in focus, and because I was taking these pictures by myself, I couldn't auto-focus when I was in place, so I had to set my self-timer to go off six times in a row and move between shots to estimate where the exact sweet-spot of focus would line up. Taking fashion photos by yourself is TIRESOME AND MAY INCLUDE BUGS.

My take on Blue Steel, obvi.

I'm actually really proud of myself for taking these and figuring out the focusing. They're all pretty grainy because I shot them at ISO over 1000 because, even if you can't tell by these photos, it's really dark behind my house. In fact, my house in general is seriously lacking photons, and it drives me bonkers. 

Alright, so it's time for the Anxiety Attack of the Day

I got my first pay check today (can I get a Kidz Bop "heck yeah!" ?!) so I drove to the bank after work to deposit it, which made me feel like an Actual Adult. However, upon entering the parking structure, I was reduced to Clueless Teen because I could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out a good angle to pull into one of the parking spaces. The lot was under a building so there were Pillars of Death placed strategically so hapless bank-goers accidentally annihilate their front bumpers, forcing them to spend more money on repairs. Now I'm convinced that our credit union is in cahoots with the Jiffy Lube down the street on this matter, and they share the profits made thanks to the parking impaired. 
LUCKILY, I didn't destroy my car (or anyone else's), but when I pulled in I was a good foot out of the stall on the left side. And to make matters worse, there was another dude who looked like a FELLOW YOUNG PERSON right across from my stall, standing by his car doing who the hell knows what at the bank. My brain is screaming GREAT JOB, RACHAEL, YOU'RE PARKING LIKE AN IDIOT IN FRONT OF A YOUNG FELLOW WHO IS PROBABLY CRITIQUING EVERY SPIN OF THE WHEEL AS YOU ATTEMPT TO CORRECT YOUR POSITION. Then I still didn't manage to get all the way into the stall, but I started off towards the entrance anyways, then I realized I had forgotten my check in the car, and I ran back to get it (back past the young dude), then dropped my phone and wallet in the middle of the parking lot while running back. 

It's okay, though, because I successfully deposited my check, dropped off four rolls of film to be developed (EXPECT WONDERS), and bought an Iced Toddy to console myself. I got the coffee at this work-in-progress coffee shop at Ala Moana called The Curb. It's on the ground level in a space that was previously The Waxing Co., but unfortunately the storefront sign of the hair removal salon is still in place above the entrance, while a banner for the cafĂ© is located inside. I learned at my last visit that they are waiting until the lease is up for the previous business to completely revamp the place. I've been searching for some sort of pun that has to do with the the name "The Curb" and waxing hair off, but I have a feeling that would be too dirty for this blog so I'm not going to go any further. 

PHEW! Thanks for sticking with me, whoever you are.


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