Thursday, July 4, 2013

DA OCEAN / Some average film pictures

Here are pictures I took with my underwater camera on the 30th (only three days late, no big deal).

These shots aren't particularly special, but they look pretty cool after I did some colour edits. I really had no idea what I was doing, and most of my shots had my index finger partially covering the lens, sunburnt tourist style. Dude Noah took Maya and Emily and me around Kaneohe Bay on a small motor boat that fit on top of his car (it was a very frightening drive). I don't do beach or ocean related activities very often, but once in a while I remember that there is an outside and that O'ahu is quite beautiful. 

Here's the first picture I took with this underwater camera–

Because I was fascinated by the prospect of putting water on the LENS.

Also, friends–

Maya hating candids, and possibly the sun.

The image quality of the camera isn't immaculate so quite a bit of editing is required to make them attractive, but I've seen many glorious images come from this particular point and shoot by friends in photo class, so it's really the artistic vision that matters.

I spent one hundred dollars getting three rolls of slide film and one normal colour negative roll developed, and I am... disappointed, to say the least. I'll just show the best of them now–


Oh man, all those feet shots, and I don't think these are worth one hundred bucks in total. 

I have things to do, so no words for now, but I love you, you.


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